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The Malone

Strategic Community Action Planning - We assist leadership teams with developing and implementing strategic action plans to strengthen community health partnerships 

Our specialty?  Promoting community connectedness and social organization 

Unique Value Proposition

In essence, we provide consultative space for existing leadership teams to develop a 12-month, multisectoral strategic community action plan that focuses on community health through building trust, collaboration, implementation and sustainability through social organization and transformational leadership.  

Examples of existing leadership teams are:  community based organization leaders, city government leaders (i.e. city councils), faith-based organization leaders, youth serving organization leaders and education leadership teams.


The Problem

Observed a disconnect between the community and community leaders, which leads to a disconnect between community needs and the provisions made by community leaders


The Solution - Why Work With TMC?

- We encourage collaboration with community organizations to maximize productivity

- We introduce community assessment ideas so that officials can address actual community problems

- We utilize the transformational leadership model as the sustainable mobilization tool


The Social Change Collaboratory

Strategic Community Action Planning - Development of the vision, mission, objectives, strategies and activities. We help the streamline the process from development to implementation. 


Strategic Plan Reviews - For leadership teams with existing plans, we provide review services to identify strengths and provide recommendations for improvement. Starting at $500.00


Implementation Exercises - Planning without movement is NOT progress. From strategic plans to implementation phases. Starting at $500

Keynote Speaker - Email for more  information

Re'Dhonda V. Malone, PhD, MPH

"The measure of a community's health is determined by the strength of its heart - the family." 

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